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In May 2005, the first International Conference on polymeric Materials in Automotive was organized in Bratislava followed by consequent PMA conferences organized biannually. The events reflect the permanent importance of automotive industry as a key economic factor in Slovakia, derived from the presence of dominant investors in Slovakia, namely Volkswagen, PSA and Kia including a number of other companies – suppliers of plastics and rubber parts being a significant part of them – building up their new facilities in the country. Around 700 participants from 27 countries attended the PMA conferences which were ranked as successful and interesting. The appreciated feature consisted in a fact that, although targeted to polymeric materials used in automotive industry, the scope of the conference was kept highly scientific. Thus, new ideas have been presented, many of these being far away from industrial application, still contributing significantly to a progress in the area.

Similar to the PMA 05, PMA 07, PMA 09, PMA 11 and PMA 13 the upcoming conference PMA 2015 is targeted on various aspects related to plastics and rubber in the automotive industry, with the aim to exchange the innovative approaches towards new polymer products increasingly having a decisive influence on the design and appearance of new generation of cars. Developing goals such as aesthetic appeal and comfort, safety and lightweight construction, as well as quality and cost are affected directly by the material concept and the corresponding processing and product technology.

International scientific conference on rubber, Slovak Rubber Conference, was organized every year by the Rubber Research Institute of Matador Púchov. From 2005 this traditional event is organized as a section of the International Conference on Polymeric Materials in Automotive and in 2015 the 22nd Slovak Rubber Conference will be held.


Advances in development of plastics and rubber-based materials for applications in automotive industry.


  • Materials Based on Plastics for Exterior and Interior
  • New polymers and composites
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • Additives and Modifiers
  • Environment and Green Technology
  • Materials and Procedures for Tire Technology
  • Recycling of Plastics and Rubber Materials
  • Advances in Testing of Polymeric Materials

Call for Papers

Scientists are invited to submit contributions presented as contributed lectures or posters. Few invited key lectures will be selected from this first bid.